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Carving your own path

Carving your own path

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“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.” - Elon Musk

  • Struggle
  • Passion
  • Hard work
  • Focus
  • Goals
  • Failure
  • Success

These are few words that comes to my mind when I look back past four years of my life. It has been an amazing journey so far and I’m sure it will continue to be.

As you can see I’ve been very irregular when it comes to writing something on this blog. What motivates me to write today? Do you see that Elon Musk quote above? Yes, this is an important post. Well, at least for me. I would consider this post as a note to my future self.

In last four years, I’ve had pleasure to work and interact with some of the most inspiring minds. These are the people who helped me find answers of most critical questions one faces and struggles with to find answers during their whole life. During this tenure, I became part of great communities like Headstart Netwrok Foundation, Fossasia and GBG Ahmedabad. I joined and organized Meetups. I’ve interacted with so many passionate minds working tirelessly to make their dream come true.

Okay, now you must be thinking how’s that related to title of this blog post? This is totally relevant. Let’s see how. Through this post I’m summarizing few points which helped me to be a happy traveler on this journey from being lost at some point of time.

People are awesome

Being part of various communities has given me opportunities to interact with people in divers domain, from tea vendors to CEOs of multi national firms, designers, writers, artists, budding entrepreneurs, successful entrepreneurs, student and specially those who failed but never gave up. I’ve always enjoyed talking to them. Each one of these brings different perspective to life. There are different factors which motivates them to do something, to keep looking for and create opportunities. If you’re a good listener, everyone has a story to tell.

Volunteer : Be part of something meaningful

This is one of the most important reason that I’m writing this blog post today. Many people who’ll be reading this blog post know me as a Volunteer at Headstart or Google Business Group and I’m proud that I chose this path. Sometimes it’s not money that satisfies you but the feeling that you did something and that touched life of many, increased their knowledge and helped them to discover a new opportunity. Volunteering at various causes has not only made me a better person or helped me to acquire new skills but it also opened gates of many opportunities which couldn’t have been possible without it. That feeling of being part of something meaningful is beyond words.

Relationship > Business

I’m organizing and attending events for startups since last one and half year. Most interesting part of these events is networking session at the end of an event. People exchanging their business cards, pitching their skill-set, promising each other to do business together and so on. Sadly, most of the time these engagement happens only for short term. While I understand that it’s not possible to keep in touch with all the people you meet for a longer period, I still believe staying in touch with most of them and sending a note of remembrance at regular intervals helps in a big way. This helped me a lot. Whenever I’m stuck or need some guidance, first thing I do is go through my contact list or try to remember events which could have involved such people. It works. On the other hand I feel great when someone from my network reaches out to me for connections or guidance.

What next? : Life is taking a new turn

Past two months have been very important for my life. I’ve left my job in February and I’m working independently since then. Those who were aware of the situation were eager to know what I’m up to and where I’m headed. Those who’ll come to know through this blog post will be having same questions. To answer those questions, I would like to share that things are shaping really well and I’m enjoying them. I know this isn’t sufficient but you need to keep watching this space for next big announcement.

Final words

It’s my birthday today (20th April, 2016) and I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you. You’re awesome and I am grateful to you. It couldn’t have been possible for me to gain that confidence and take my first step towards this journey without you and many others in my network. With this I would like to give rest to my pen here.

Stay in touch. Be awesome. :)

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