Posts Fossasia 2015 - Three days in a smart city with Open Source

Fossasia 2015 - Three days in a smart city with Open Source

A lazy programmer like me needs lots of inspiration to write a whole blog post. Fossasia 2015 happened to be one of them. So here I am sharing my experience of attending asia’s premier open source event.

Fossasia 2015

Fossasia is one of the premier open source event organized every year since 2010 in Asia. Fossasia 2015 was held at Singapore. As we all know Singapore is very well organized and often termed as a smart city thus a prominent location for such a nice event. I guess I don’t need to spend much time on introducing Fossasia as my previous blog post about Fossasia 2014 covers many things.

What’s so special about Fossasia 2015?

Apart from location, there happened to be many things that attracted people from all over the world to attend the event. Being second time attendee in a row, I can confidently say that the open source community in asia is getting bigger, smarter and more active. Several tracks, Quality talks, Interesting projects being discussed, and meeting awesome people from all over the world. How can one deny to such a great opportunity? And all these things for three days in Singapore. I really enjoyed being there talking to the awesome people.

What did I talk about?

I talked about Never building a login again into your application. Using social authentication is an art and it can save your time and efforts. In an era of Agile software development, you should be spending your time and efforts on feature that are generating value for you and your customer and not on things like User Management module that can be re-used from giants like Google, Facebook, Mozilla, etc.

Here is the session’s recorded video:

Never build a login again

Also slides can be found here:

Want to be part of fun??

Do you think you are missing this kind of opportunities? Do you think you can also work on open source projects? Do you think you can be part of next Fossasia as a speaker?

If answer to any/all of above question is yes then don’t waste a single moment and head over to or or Organization of your choice.

Oh! you reached till the end?? I hope this was nice read. Feel free to express your thoughts/suggestions/comments. Have a nice day!! :) :)

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